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A campaign which splits your donation to over 70 bail funds, mutual aid funds and racial justice organisers during the #BLM Movement. Provided by ActBlue Charities.

Reframing the Future was founded by a creative collective to work with artists to help National Bail Out and Marsha P. Johnson Institute in the US confront white supremacy. The action centers around a fundraise. They sell prints from which the proceeds will be donated.

This is a fund-raising campaign for Robert Johnson club in Offenbach together with collaborators in the fields of art and design. The goal is to help them until they can reopen.

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See You Soon is a fund-raiser by Robert Johnson together with collaborators from design and fine-art. The goal is to help the club survive the temporary closure.

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Designers Against Coronavirus is a digital archive that shows the emergency we are facing through the eyes of designers, illustrators and creative studios from all over the world. DAC’s ultimate goal is to raise funds to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

This is an online symposium for design, art, photography and sound. Their aim is to stay connected during the global pandemia. Cultural interaction will be nurtured and made accessable to anyone in online live-streams. The event is free and backed by well-known supporters.

With roots in Folk and Jazz music this Organisation is doing several Festivals in North America, USA. Their aim is to give access to music education, regardless of socioeconomic status. During Covid-19 they supported with a financial relief musicians in their communities.

Online platform for live concerts from musicians. This website contains a function as venue where people can donate and support while they are watching their favourite artist.

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Bridges for Music from South Africa includes projects about contruction of music and multimedia schools, bursaries and awareness. They develop projects to empower underprivileged communities, bridge socio-economic gaps, artists and social entrepreneurs.

A Crowdfunding project by Between Bridges aimed at supporting cultural, community music and independent projects.

Fundraiser campaign to support the Elmhurst Hospital Center in New York City.

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This is a non-profit organisation founded by people from different fields which are mostly freelancers. Its purpose is to support creatives, small business owners and people in financial need. Profit is shared equally among the supported projects.

This is a queer online dance party which streams every day. This movement is not to be mistaken with the German initiative with similar name.

Tags: , is a platform for sharing a diverse range of local djs, artists and musician performances via live-stream to demonstrate unity in club culture and beyond during these turbulent times.


Kreative & Gründer*innen sind betroffen, weil sie aufgrund der aktuellen Pandemie Konzerte absagen, Einrichtungen schließen oder aus anderen Gründen Umsatzeinbußen hinnehmen müssen. Nicht für jeden gibt es ein passendes staatliches Hilfspaket. In einigen Fällen können die Crowd & Startnext helfen.


Als Antwort darauf, dass in Berlin die Clubs geschlossen sind und auch der Rest der Welt in Quarantäne sitzt, erklärt sich Berlin solidarisch und bringt den größten digitalen Club zu Dir nach Hause. Wenn schon alleine feiern, dann richtig.

Club Quarantäne e. V. is a non-profit organisation to support artists during and after the corona crisis. 

The aim of Club Quarantäne is to introduce an artist as quickly as possible every day and to support them with 500 euros for an indefinite amount of time.

The artists receive the money directly from Club Quarantäne. Nobody should be forced to interrupt their creative process and cultural contribution. The project is a parachute for creative professionals in the Corona crisis and after.